2017 4-H Fair

Farm, Home and Youth Fair, 2017

The Farm, Home and Youth Fair (formerly the 4-H Fair)was held on Aug, 10-12. Unlike the scalding temperatures last year, this year’s fair was pleasant and rain-free. Our 4-Hers did a great job of educating the public about alpacas as they walked them around the fairgrounds.

The Alpacateers carrying the banner in the Opening Parade.

In the competition segment on Saturday, Kylee won the 12-14 age group in showmanship and agility and went on to be crowned Grand Champion. Vanessa achieved the same success, winning the 8-11 age group in showmanship and agility. For her effort, she was the Reserve Champion. Ironically both girls are first-year club members. Congratulations!

Kylee backing up Dagger in the agility competition.
Vanessa holds Channing still, while Sarah pats her.

In the 15-18 age group Sarah won the showmanship blue ribbon and Maggie, taking King Arthur in his very first competition, won the agility portion.

Sarah opening the umbrella over a reluctant Dagger.
Maggie putting Arthur’s front feet in the circle.

Other contestants were:

Weston with Arthur.
Leah and Channing.
Jonathan and Dagger.

Congratulations to all the participants, some of whom had to contend with reluctant animals.

Parrticipants from left, Maggie (15-18) first agility, second showmanship; Jonathan (15-18 third showmanship, second agility; Sarah (15-18) first showmanship, third agility; Kylee (12-14) first showmanship, first agility; Annabelle (12-14) second showmanship, third agility); Kayla (12-14) third showmanship, second agility; Vanessa (8-11) first showmanship, first agility), Leah (8-11) second showmanship, second agility; Weston (8-11) third showmanship, third agility. In back Julia, an alumni Alpacateer, who did the emcee duties.