2019 Agility Inv.

2019 Agility Invitational

Our 9th Annual Agility Invitational was a bug success. We had more than 40 kids participate from four 4-H clubs, including ones from Maryland and New Jersey.

Our kids performed well. Sisters Annabelle (12-14) and Vanessa (8-11) both nabbed first places in their respective age groups. Leah (second), Weston (third) and Asher (fourth) also laced in the 8-11 age group.

Naomi (second) and Kylee (seventh) too spots in the 12-14 age group, and Aiden came in seventh in the 15-18 group.

Vanessa leading Dagger
Naomi taking Dagger through the change-of-pace.
Leah takes Arthur over a jump.
Kylee sets Nordic in the pool.
Annabelle prepares to place a towel on Dagger’s back.