Our first alpaca show

On Sunday the 10th, we went to our first alpaca show—the Alpaca Heritage Budget Caper in Allentown, NJ. Sandy was unable to go because she was on cria watch for Chablis’ first baby (which of course didn’t happen). Alex was up at the crack of dawn (5:15 a.m.) to get to Allentown by 7:30. Having never been to a show, he was anxious about setting up and showing, but everybody was very friendly and helpful, even to helping take the stall panels off the truck and helping to take Dagger and Herburn into the arena.

There was an exhibitor’s meeting at 10. The judge was very helpful explaining what should be done in the ring. The 4H kids arrived about the same time.

Finally, Alex got to show Dagger, just when the agility classes were starting. Dagger did pretty well in the ring except when the judge lifted his tail. He reared up and almost tossed Alex to the ground.

While that was going on, Ewen and Madison were showing Hepburn. When Dagger was finished in the ring, Jack, Kyle and Callum took him through his paces on the obstacle course. He did well except when it came time to go over the teeter-totter and back out of the two pipes.

All in all, the kids took five ribbons—one third, two fourths, a fifth and a sixth.

Everybody had a good time and we all learned a lot about what happens at a show and what we can do to get better.

From left, Callum, Jack, Kyle, Madison and Ewen display the ribbons they won in the obstacle course competition at the ABC Show.
Jack takes Dagger under the bar at the start of the agility course.