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2018 4-H Fair

Farm Home and Youth Fair

Our annual 4-H Fair, now called Farm, Home and Youth Fair, was held Aug. 9-11. The kids competed in Showmanship and Agility in Senior and Junior divisions.

In the Senior Showmanship, Naomi place first with 87 points, Jonathon came in second with 83 and Kylee placed third with 80. Annabelle came in first in Senior Agility with 94 points, Jonathon finished second with 92 and Maggie came in third with 87.

In the Junior Showmanship, Weston won with 85 points, Leah placed second with 80 and Vanessa was third with 74. In Agility Leah finished first with 92 points, Weston was second with 87 and Vanessa scored 79 points for third.

The judge watches Weston tie a quick-release knot.
Leah places a towel on King Arthur’s back.
Maggie coaxes Arthur to stand in the ring.
Vanessa leads Channing over the tarp.
Fair participants, back row from left: Maggie, Jonathon, Annabelle, Kylee, Naomi. Front row: Vanessa, Leah, Weston.

2018 Agility Invitational

4-H Alpaca Invitational

Our 8th Annual Invitational was a great success. We had over 30 kids from three 4-H clubs participate on May 16 at the Montgomery County 4-H Center. In the 15-18 age  group, Aiden finished second in agility and third in showmanship, while Sarah was second in agility and first in showmanship; in the 12-14 age group, Naomi placed first in agility and first in showmanship, Annabelle took second in agility and second in showmanship, Kylee placed first in agility and fourth in showmanship and Jonathon finished fourth in agility and first in showmanship; in the 8-11 category, Asher was first in both agility and showmanship, Vanessa was sixth in agility and fourth in showmanship, Weston was third in both agility and showmanship, and Leah was second in agility and showmanship. Congrats to all the kis for a great showing!

Leah taking Arthur over the teeter totter.
Annabelle backing up Dagger.
Naomi taking Dagger over the teeter totter.
Kylee taking Dagger over a jump.

Spring 2018

Bachlorette Party

Congratulations to Michele and Michael who held a bachlorette party at the farm. Some day they would like to own their own alpaca farm.

Michele and Michael (seated) celebrated their pre-marriage at our farm. Even Chester managed to sneak into the picture.
Alpaca Shearing

The alpacas received their spring haircut on May 3rd. Several of the adoptive parents stopped by to watch and went home with some souvenir fiber.


Two of our 4-Hers, Kylee and Jane, help bag Channing’s fiber’
Birthday Party

On May 5th, we kicked off the season with a birthday party. The weather was cooperative and everyone had a unique, good time.

By the way, we will soon be processing our fiber. If anyone is interested in learning what’s done and/or helping out, please give us a call.

Sandy oversees the group of girls learning how to needle felt.
The birthday party girls pose with our new sculpture.

Alex left the gate in the heard health room ajar and the boys had a short break of freedom. We managed to get them all back in except Dagger, who tends to do his own thing anyway. Eventually he decided he would rather be with the rest of the herd instead of on his own, and we lured him back in.

Dagger often finds himself on the wrong side of the fence, and he’s slow to admit it.
Class Visit

On April 23rd, the first grade from United Friends School of Quakertown visited our farm for a morning tour and fiber presentation. It was just possibly the most perfect day we’ve had this spring. After the tour they had lunch and returned to school.

United Friends School First Grade
Goat/sheep Shearing

We had a beautiful day for the goat/sheep shearing on April 22nd. As usual, our shearer Hoyt, gave an educational and informational commentary as he sheared the animals. Those who attended had a lot of questions and learned  a great deal about shearing and the animals in general.

Hoyt shears Amelia, one of our Blue-Faced Leicsters as our 4-H members bag her fiber.
When the fiber is stretched apart it forms an artistic, diaphanous veil.
Can you recognize Pete’s head? When the animals are shorn, they are completely relaxed.
New Alpacas

On Saturday, April 14, we picked up three new alpacas. These new alpacas are worry free. They don’t poop and they don’t eat hay or grain. Their only maintenance is a coat of spar varnish every two years. Stop by and get your picture taken with them.

We commissioned Todd Gladfelter, an accomplished chainsaw sculpture from New Ringgold, to do the sculpture. We met him at a chainsaw festival in western Pa. last summer. He is truly an accomplished artist.

Daddy alpaca, mommy alpaca and baby alpaca (cria).

4-H Spring 2018

Ag Literacy Week

• To help celebrate Ag Literacy Week, Sandy, Alex and Grace, one of our 4H members, visited a local elementary school on March 19th  to read a book and play a bingo-related game with a class of first graders.

Grace reads Tyler Makes Pancakes to a first grade class. The book explains where all the ingredients in pancakes come from.
One of the students proudly displays her bingo card.

On the following day, Alex, Sandy and Julia visited another elementary school, where we read the same book and and played bingo.

Julia reading Tyler Makes Pancakes
Julia reads the questions the students have to find the answers for on their bingo cards.
Community Service

• On a brisk March Saturday morning, our 4-Hers and parents began spring cleanup on a section of the Schuylkill River Trail in Stowe. The club has adopted that section and will perform two more cleanups during the year.

Our cleanup group. Chester is a bit camera shy.

2018 Farm Show

PA Farm Show

The 2018 Pa. Farm Show is in the books and we had another outstanding showing. The four 4-H kids who competed came home with four ribbons. In the Showmanship Class, Naomi followed in her sister Grace’s footsteps (two blue ribbons in two years) by winning the Junior Showmanship competition. As a winner she was eligible to compete for Grand Champion against the winners of the Senior and Intermediate classes. She was awarded Reserve Champion (second place) among the four competitors.

Also in Junior Showmanship, Jonathan placed second to Naomi in a tiebreaker.

In the Junior Agility competition Annabelle placed fifth of eight competitors.

After the main events, the kids had a great time dressing Arthur in the costume class. They were provided with a huge piles of clothes from which to choose articles to dress an alpaca. Then they had to write a short story to go along with the costume.

Congrats to the four kids who put in a lot of extra time practicing for the big event.

Sarah answering judge’s questions in Intermediate Showmanship.
Jonathan taking Arthur over the teeter-totter in Junior Agility.
Naomi shows Dagger’s teeth to the judge.
Annabelle answers question in Jr. Showmanship tiebreaker.
Annabelle, Naomi, Sarah, Jonathan display the ribbons they won at the Farm Show.
Kylee, Naomi, Sarah, Julia and Jonathan work on King Arthur’s costume.

Winter 217

Also, this is a good time of the year to learn a new skill, like felting, drop spindle spinning or weaving. Give us a call if you are interested in setting up a workshop or instruction session.

The snow didn’t upset the alpacas’ Super Bowl Sunday.

On Jan. 31st we welcomed 11 kindergartners from United Friends School in Quakertown. They had fun interacting with the animals and enjoyed fiber demonstrations.

Two kindergartners try to entice the alpacas to come close.

Winter 2017

Winter 2017-18

We would like to thank all our customers and visitors to the farm for our most successful year since we started raising alpacas. The weather being what it’s been so far, we’re sure all of you who purchased alpaca socks will be thinking it was a very good investment.

Please check back as we begin to assemble our calendar of events for the coming year. We are planning on doing most of the events we did last year and possibly adding some.

Our year begins with our third visit to the Pennsylvania Farm Show on Jan. 9th. Four of our 4-Hers  have been enduring the elements to train for the Showmanship and Agility competition. We will post updates of the results shortly after the event.

We are looking forward to our 8tth year of business and hope to see many old and new faces throughout the year. Remember, if we are here, we are open. Please call ahead at any time if you’re inspired to visit the alpacas or our store.

Along with Chester, we say good bye to 2017 and look forward to 2018.