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2019 Farm Show

• On Jan. 8, our 4-H kids competed at the Pa. Farm Show. We are very proud of their performance, which was one of the best in the last few years. We garnered two 1st places, three second places, one third place, three fourth places and one sixth place in the Showmanship and Agility competitions.

Our lone senior, Sarah placed fourth in Showmanship and second in agility and was awarded Reserve Champion for her performances.

Sarah responds to questions the judge asked her in the Showmanship competition. Sarah sidesteps King Arthur














In the Intermediate Division, Kaylee finished fourth in Showmanship and second in Agility.

Kylee backing up Dagger









We had three contestants in the Junior Division. Naomi, the most experienced, placed second in Showmanship and first in Agility to earn Reserve Champion.

Naomi running Dagger

Our other two contestants were competing at the Farm Show for the first time. Leah placed third in Showmanship and second in Agility. Weston place fourth in Showmanship and sixth in agility.

Leah taking Arthur through the streamers
Weston receiving his award









As a conclusion to the competition each county competed in a fun event, dressing up an alpaca. No awards were given but each county dressed an alpaca and then concocted a story about it.

Leah and Arthur all dressed up

2018 4-H Fair

Farm Home and Youth Fair

Our annual 4-H Fair, now called Farm, Home and Youth Fair, was held Aug. 9-11. The kids competed in Showmanship and Agility in Senior and Junior divisions.

In the Senior Showmanship, Naomi place first with 87 points, Jonathon came in second with 83 and Kylee placed third with 80. Annabelle came in first in Senior Agility with 94 points, Jonathon finished second with 92 and Maggie came in third with 87.

In the Junior Showmanship, Weston won with 85 points, Leah placed second with 80 and Vanessa was third with 74. In Agility Leah finished first with 92 points, Weston was second with 87 and Vanessa scored 79 points for third.

The judge watches Weston tie a quick-release knot.
Leah places a towel on King Arthur’s back.
Maggie coaxes Arthur to stand in the ring.
Vanessa leads Channing over the tarp.
Fair participants, back row from left: Maggie, Jonathon, Annabelle, Kylee, Naomi. Front row: Vanessa, Leah, Weston.

2018 Agility Invitational

4-H Alpaca Invitational

Our 8th Annual Invitational was a great success. We had over 30 kids from three 4-H clubs participate on May 16 at the Montgomery County 4-H Center. In the 15-18 age  group, Aiden finished second in agility and third in showmanship, while Sarah was second in agility and first in showmanship; in the 12-14 age group, Naomi placed first in agility and first in showmanship, Annabelle took second in agility and second in showmanship, Kylee placed first in agility and fourth in showmanship and Jonathon finished fourth in agility and first in showmanship; in the 8-11 category, Asher was first in both agility and showmanship, Vanessa was sixth in agility and fourth in showmanship, Weston was third in both agility and showmanship, and Leah was second in agility and showmanship. Congrats to all the kis for a great showing!

Leah taking Arthur over the teeter totter.
Annabelle backing up Dagger.
Naomi taking Dagger over the teeter totter.
Kylee taking Dagger over a jump.

4-H Spring 2018

Ag Literacy Week

• To help celebrate Ag Literacy Week, Sandy, Alex and Grace, one of our 4H members, visited a local elementary school on March 19th  to read a book and play a bingo-related game with a class of first graders.

Grace reads Tyler Makes Pancakes to a first grade class. The book explains where all the ingredients in pancakes come from.
One of the students proudly displays her bingo card.

On the following day, Alex, Sandy and Julia visited another elementary school, where we read the same book and and played bingo.

Julia reading Tyler Makes Pancakes
Julia reads the questions the students have to find the answers for on their bingo cards.
Community Service

• On a brisk March Saturday morning, our 4-Hers and parents began spring cleanup on a section of the Schuylkill River Trail in Stowe. The club has adopted that section and will perform two more cleanups during the year.

Our cleanup group. Chester is a bit camera shy.

2018 Farm Show

PA Farm Show

The 2018 Pa. Farm Show is in the books and we had another outstanding showing. The four 4-H kids who competed came home with four ribbons. In the Showmanship Class, Naomi followed in her sister Grace’s footsteps (two blue ribbons in two years) by winning the Junior Showmanship competition. As a winner she was eligible to compete for Grand Champion against the winners of the Senior and Intermediate classes. She was awarded Reserve Champion (second place) among the four competitors.

Also in Junior Showmanship, Jonathan placed second to Naomi in a tiebreaker.

In the Junior Agility competition Annabelle placed fifth of eight competitors.

After the main events, the kids had a great time dressing Arthur in the costume class. They were provided with a huge piles of clothes from which to choose articles to dress an alpaca. Then they had to write a short story to go along with the costume.

Congrats to the four kids who put in a lot of extra time practicing for the big event.

Sarah answering judge’s questions in Intermediate Showmanship.
Jonathan taking Arthur over the teeter-totter in Junior Agility.
Naomi shows Dagger’s teeth to the judge.
Annabelle answers question in Jr. Showmanship tiebreaker.
Annabelle, Naomi, Sarah, Jonathan display the ribbons they won at the Farm Show.
Kylee, Naomi, Sarah, Julia and Jonathan work on King Arthur’s costume.

4-H Quilt raffle, Tractor Supply

Quilt Raffle

On October 28th we had the drawing for our alpaca club’s handmade quilt/wall hanging. We thank everyone who purchased tickets. It was a very successful fundraiser for our club.

The winner was Linda Hoade.

Linda Hoade and Alex display the quilt Linda won in the farm raffle.

On October our 4-H Club participated in a fundraiser at the Harleysville Tractor Supply. The kids sold alpaca cookies, pumpkins and other things.

Annabelle helps some youngsters decorate their pumpkins at the Harleysville Tractor Supply fundraiser.

2017 4-H Fair

Farm, Home and Youth Fair, 2017

The Farm, Home and Youth Fair (formerly the 4-H Fair)was held on Aug, 10-12. Unlike the scalding temperatures last year, this year’s fair was pleasant and rain-free. Our 4-Hers did a great job of educating the public about alpacas as they walked them around the fairgrounds.

The Alpacateers carrying the banner in the Opening Parade.

In the competition segment on Saturday, Kylee won the 12-14 age group in showmanship and agility and went on to be crowned Grand Champion. Vanessa achieved the same success, winning the 8-11 age group in showmanship and agility. For her effort, she was the Reserve Champion. Ironically both girls are first-year club members. Congratulations!

Kylee backing up Dagger in the agility competition.
Vanessa holds Channing still, while Sarah pats her.

In the 15-18 age group Sarah won the showmanship blue ribbon and Maggie, taking King Arthur in his very first competition, won the agility portion.

Sarah opening the umbrella over a reluctant Dagger.
Maggie putting Arthur’s front feet in the circle.

Other contestants were:

Weston with Arthur.
Leah and Channing.
Jonathan and Dagger.

Congratulations to all the participants, some of whom had to contend with reluctant animals.

Parrticipants from left, Maggie (15-18) first agility, second showmanship; Jonathan (15-18 third showmanship, second agility; Sarah (15-18) first showmanship, third agility; Kylee (12-14) first showmanship, first agility; Annabelle (12-14) second showmanship, third agility); Kayla (12-14) third showmanship, second agility; Vanessa (8-11) first showmanship, first agility), Leah (8-11) second showmanship, second agility; Weston (8-11) third showmanship, third agility. In back Julia, an alumni Alpacateer, who did the emcee duties.

2017 Agility Invitational

Agility Invitational

On Saturday, June 17, we held our Seventh Annual Agility Invitational at the 4-H center. Twenty-nine  kids from 5 different 4-H clubs from Pa. and N.J. participated in three age groups.

Our Alpacateers performed well. Rookie Kylee placed an amazing first in the 12-14 agility class, while veteran Sarah took the 15-18 showmanship class and third in agility. Kayla won the 8-11 showmanship class and placed second in the 8-11 agility. Other placewinners in the 8-11 category included Vanessa (5th showmanship, 6th agility), Leah (fifth agility, eighth showmanship), Weston (eighth agility, fourth showmanship). In the 12-14 class, Jonathan placed third in agility and fifth in showmanship, while Annabelle was sixth in agility and ninth in showmanship. Newcomer Maggie was fifth in agility and eighth in showmanship in the 15-18 age group.

Kylee on her way to a blue ribbon in the 12-14 agility class.
Kayla backing Dagger into a stall in the 8-11 agility competition. She finished in second place.
Sarah completes the 15-18 agility competition by taking Dagger through the streamers. She finished third.
Vanessa, Leah and Kayla pose with their certificates after the Agility Invitational. A good time was had by everyone.

Community Service

On Saturday, April 22, 2017 many of our 4-H kids and parents volunteered at Green Lane Park to tear out invasive plant life.

The 4-H volunteer crew after several hours of community service at Green Lane Park.

2017 Pa. Farm Show

2017 Pa. Farm Show

On Tuesday, Jan 10, four of our 4-H Alpacateers kicked off the 2017 season at the 101st Pa. Farm Show. The kids worked hard, putting in many hours in Nov. and Dec. and their effort paid off.

Grace won her second straight Intermediate Showmanship blue ribbon after the group had to go through a second round of competition because of two sets of ties the first go-round. By virtue of winning, Grace was eligible to compete for Grand Champion against all the other age-group champs. She came up a wee two points short of  taking home an alpaca trophy. In the same class, Sarah placed fourth.

Grace receiving her first place blue ribbon in the Intermediate Showmanship class.
Grace performs a forehand turn with Chevy at the 2017 Farm Show.
Sarah McCarthy leads Dagger over the bridge during the Obstacle competition.

In Junior Showmanship, Naomi finished fourth and Annabelle came in sixth.

The Obstacle competition didn’t go as well as it could because Dagger and Chevy didn’t cooperate despite patient and creative urges from their handlers. Grace came in fourth; Sarah, fifth; and Naomi was fourth.

Annabelle had better luck with Channing as the two turned in a great performance, placing third in the Junior age group.

Annabelle receives her third place ribbon in the Obstacle competition.

With the serious stuff behind them, all four teamed up in a fun Costume Class. Channing had never before worn clothes (and to be sure she wasn’t real happy about wearing them then).

Channing seems to be having trouble putting her bloomers on.

But with a little coaxing from her team, she was ready to go to a party.

Channing all dressed up and ready to go