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4-H Quilt raffle, Tractor Supply

Quilt Raffle

On October 28th we had the drawing for our alpaca club’s handmade quilt/wall hanging. We thank everyone who purchased tickets. It was a very successful fundraiser for our club.

The winner was Linda Hoade.

Linda Hoade and Alex display the quilt Linda won in the farm raffle.

On October our 4-H Club participated in a fundraiser at the Harleysville Tractor Supply. The kids sold alpaca cookies, pumpkins and other things.

Annabelle helps some youngsters decorate their pumpkins at the Harleysville Tractor Supply fundraiser.

2017 4-H Fair

Farm, Home and Youth Fair, 2017

The Farm, Home and Youth Fair (formerly the 4-H Fair)was held on Aug, 10-12. Unlike the scalding temperatures last year, this year’s fair was pleasant and rain-free. Our 4-Hers did a great job of educating the public about alpacas as they walked them around the fairgrounds.

The Alpacateers carrying the banner in the Opening Parade.

In the competition segment on Saturday, Kylee won the 12-14 age group in showmanship and agility and went on to be crowned Grand Champion. Vanessa achieved the same success, winning the 8-11 age group in showmanship and agility. For her effort, she was the Reserve Champion. Ironically both girls are first-year club members. Congratulations!

Kylee backing up Dagger in the agility competition.
Vanessa holds Channing still, while Sarah pats her.

In the 15-18 age group Sarah won the showmanship blue ribbon and Maggie, taking King Arthur in his very first competition, won the agility portion.

Sarah opening the umbrella over a reluctant Dagger.
Maggie putting Arthur’s front feet in the circle.

Other contestants were:

Weston with Arthur.
Leah and Channing.
Jonathan and Dagger.

Congratulations to all the participants, some of whom had to contend with reluctant animals.

Parrticipants from left, Maggie (15-18) first agility, second showmanship; Jonathan (15-18 third showmanship, second agility; Sarah (15-18) first showmanship, third agility; Kylee (12-14) first showmanship, first agility; Annabelle (12-14) second showmanship, third agility); Kayla (12-14) third showmanship, second agility; Vanessa (8-11) first showmanship, first agility), Leah (8-11) second showmanship, second agility; Weston (8-11) third showmanship, third agility. In back Julia, an alumni Alpacateer, who did the emcee duties.

2017 Agility Invitational

Agility Invitational

On Saturday, June 17, we held our Seventh Annual Agility Invitational at the 4-H center. Twenty-nine  kids from 5 different 4-H clubs from Pa. and N.J. participated in three age groups.

Our Alpacateers performed well. Rookie Kylee placed an amazing first in the 12-14 agility class, while veteran Sarah took the 15-18 showmanship class and third in agility. Kayla won the 8-11 showmanship class and placed second in the 8-11 agility. Other placewinners in the 8-11 category included Vanessa (5th showmanship, 6th agility), Leah (fifth agility, eighth showmanship), Weston (eighth agility, fourth showmanship). In the 12-14 class, Jonathan placed third in agility and fifth in showmanship, while Annabelle was sixth in agility and ninth in showmanship. Newcomer Maggie was fifth in agility and eighth in showmanship in the 15-18 age group.

Kylee on her way to a blue ribbon in the 12-14 agility class.
Kayla backing Dagger into a stall in the 8-11 agility competition. She finished in second place.
Sarah completes the 15-18 agility competition by taking Dagger through the streamers. She finished third.
Vanessa, Leah and Kayla pose with their certificates after the Agility Invitational. A good time was had by everyone.

Community Service

On Saturday, April 22, 2017 many of our 4-H kids and parents volunteered at Green Lane Park to tear out invasive plant life.

The 4-H volunteer crew after several hours of community service at Green Lane Park.

2017 Pa. Farm Show

2017 Pa. Farm Show

On Tuesday, Jan 10, four of our 4-H Alpacateers kicked off the 2017 season at the 101st Pa. Farm Show. The kids worked hard, putting in many hours in Nov. and Dec. and their effort paid off.

Grace won her second straight Intermediate Showmanship blue ribbon after the group had to go through a second round of competition because of two sets of ties the first go-round. By virtue of winning, Grace was eligible to compete for Grand Champion against all the other age-group champs. She came up a wee two points short of  taking home an alpaca trophy. In the same class, Sarah placed fourth.

Grace receiving her first place blue ribbon in the Intermediate Showmanship class.
Grace performs a forehand turn with Chevy at the 2017 Farm Show.
Sarah McCarthy leads Dagger over the bridge during the Obstacle competition.

In Junior Showmanship, Naomi finished fourth and Annabelle came in sixth.

The Obstacle competition didn’t go as well as it could because Dagger and Chevy didn’t cooperate despite patient and creative urges from their handlers. Grace came in fourth; Sarah, fifth; and Naomi was fourth.

Annabelle had better luck with Channing as the two turned in a great performance, placing third in the Junior age group.

Annabelle receives her third place ribbon in the Obstacle competition.

With the serious stuff behind them, all four teamed up in a fun Costume Class. Channing had never before worn clothes (and to be sure she wasn’t real happy about wearing them then).

Channing seems to be having trouble putting her bloomers on.

But with a little coaxing from her team, she was ready to go to a party.

Channing all dressed up and ready to go

2016 PAOBA

PAOBA 2016

On Nov. 12, nine of our 4-H kids competed at the Pennsylvania Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association Showcase in York.

Eight of our kids earned ribbons, led by Sarah, who placed second in Intermediate Showmanship, followed by her brother Jonathon, who came in third in Junior Showmanship. Our youngest member, Asher, placed second in Sub-Junior Showmanship in his very first show.

Other ribbon winners were Mary (third in Senior Showmanship), Julia (fourth in Senior Showmanship), Grace (seventh in Intermediate Showmanship), Aiden (seventh in Intermediate Showmanship), Annabelle (sixth in Junior Showmanship), and Naomi (seventh in Junior Showmanship).

We thank all the kids for their support and commend them for their effort.

2016 PAOBA Competitors (From left) —Julia, Mary, Jonathon, Sarah, Annabelle, Grace, Naomi, Aiden, Asher.
2016 PAOBA Competitors (From left) —Julia, Mary, Jonathon, Sarah, Annabelle, Grace, Naomi, Aiden, Asher.
The judge talks to Asher during the Sub-Junior competition.
The judge talks to Asher during the Sub-Junior competition.

2016 4-H Fair


We all survived the blistering heat last weekend for our annual 4-H Fair competition. Fortunately we were able to move the show under the big tent on Saturday. Both judges complimented the kids on outstanding performances, and the hearty spectators appreciated the unique competition.

In the 8-11 age group for Agility, Kayla placed first; Naomi, second; Jonathon, third; and Annabelle, fourth. In the Showmanship class, Jonathon finished first; Naomi, second; Annabelle, third; and Kayla, fourth.

In the 12-14 Agility class, Aiden and Ava tied for points with Aiden finishing first in a tiebreaker. Sarah placed third. In Showmanship, Ava earned the blue ribbon, with Sarah finishing second and Aiden, third.

In the 15-18 age group, Julia placed first, Mary finished second and Grace was third. In Showmanship, Mary finished first; Grace, second; and Julia, third.

The Reserved Champion (second highest point total in both events) was Mary with 166 points, and the Grand Champion was Julia with 171 points.

Our club lines up for the Opening Ceremonies' parade.
Our club lines up for the Opening Ceremony’s parade.
Annabelle taking Channing through the pool.
Annabelle taking Channing through the pool.
Naomi leading Dagger over the teeter-totter.
Naomi leading Dagger over the teeter-totter.
Mary backing up Channing.
Mary backing up Channing.
Sarah backing up Dagger.
Sarah backing up Dagger.
Jonathon encouraging Channing through the pool.
Jonathon encouraging Channing through the pool.
2016 4-H winners
The ribbon winners, from left – Aiden, Ava, Mary, Grace, Julia, Sarah, Naomi, Kayla, Jonathon.

2016 Agility Invitational

• Our 6th Annual Agility Invitational was a huge success. The weather was perfect. We had 20 competitors from three 4-H clubs, one from as far away as north Jersey. Our kids took advantage of the home turf to garner four first places, four seconds, three thirds and two fourths.

In the Junior Age Group (8-11), Naomi finished first in agility and second in showmanship, Kayla was second in agility and third in showmanship, Annabelle was third in agility and first in showmanship, while Asher, in his very first competition, placed fourth in agility.

In the Intermediate Age Group (12-14), Ava was first in agility and fifth in showmanship and Aiden was second in agility.

In the Senior Age Group (15-17), Julia was first in agility and fourth in showmanship, while Grace placed second in agility and third in showmanship.

Naomi taking Chevy through the streamers
Agility group
Group shot of Little Lost Creek contestants
Annabelle taking Channing across the bridge
Asher leading Channing through the pool. It was the very first competition for both of them
Aiden backing up Chase
Aiden backing up Chase

2016 Pa. Farm Show

Our Girls and Our Boys to see all of the alpacas or come to the farm and choose one in person. If you are interested, please give us a call, click on the red link below, fill out the application and send it to us.

Adoption application

Pa. Farm Show

We are SO PROUD of our 4-H Alpacateers. They turned in outstanding performances at the 100th Pa. Farm Show on Tuesday, Jan. 12.

The Farm Show is the largest indoor farm show in the country. As such it is a very prestigious event. Placing in the farm show is akin to competing for a state title in athletics.

It was an early start for the kids as they had to arrive for registration at 7 a.m. Grace and Julia competed in the Intermediate Division, while Jonathan performed in the Junior Division.

Julia set the standard by placing third in obstacles with Morgan, and Grace rose to the challenge with a blue-ribbon performance with Chase. Jonathan also guided Chase through the obstacles and finished second.

In showmanship, Julia finished sixth, but Grace was not to be outdone as she added another blue ribbon to her collection. Jonathan kept his streak alive with a second red ribbon. He lost to the winner in both classes by a single point.

Grace posing with her first place ribbon.
Grace posing with her first place ribbon.
Jonathan and Chase
Julia (right) in Showmanship Class

The following are three videos of Grace’s, Julia’s and Jonathan’s performances:

In addition to the three members who were showing alpacas, five others were demonstrating fiber arts in the same arena. The public was invited down to ask questions and see the projects up close.

Mary, Naomi and Aiden demonstrating the pin loom and inkle looms.
Mary, Naomi and Aiden demonstrating the pin loom and inkle looms.
Farm Show demo2
Sarah (left) and Jessy Joy demonstrate drop spindle spinning.

Because it was the first time alpacas were a part of the show, they attracted a lot of media attention.

Lancaster Channel 8 did a piece on the show, though it didn’t include any of our members. Here is a link to the segment.

The Harrisburg Patriot-News also posted photos of most of the participants with their alpacas:

The Reading Eagle did a story featuring Julie. The following link gives you the lead photo and headline but you can’t access the story unless you have a subscription. They are supposed to be sending us a copy of the newspaper.​

Lancaster Farming ran a front page story on the alpacas and also put a video up on their website. Below is a link to the website:


Three of our members also competed in the 4-H Potato Judging Contest. It was only the second year that Montgomery County entered teams. Grace shocked herself again by collecting a third blue ribbon as her team won the A-Team Division. She was also second overall of 63 participants, falling short of her fourth blue ribbon by a scant 3 points.

Naomi and Annabelle were members of B Team 2, which placed second among B Teams. Montgomery County placed four B Teams among the top 7.

Grace, Annabelle and Naomi
Grace, Annabelle and Naomi

2015 Egg and Spoon

• Sunday, Oct. 11, was a perfect day for our annual Parent/Child 4-H Egg and Spoon race. After getting soundly defeated by the parents last year, the kids rallied to take all top six places. Sarah was the easy winner as she blew away the field in a time of 55.15 seconds. Sisters Julia and Annabelle finished second (1:02.82) and third (1:05.23), respectively. They were followed by Jessica Joy (2:38.08), Natalie (1:12.82), and Clare (1:18.74). The closest parent was Jere with a time of 1:40.38.

Clare on her way to the finish line.
Clare on her way to the finish line.
Annabelle egg&spoon
Annabelle going through the octagon.
Kayla coming off the bridge
Kayla coming off the bridge