2017 Shearing

• On a dreary May 6, we sheared the sheep and goats and the next day we put them out to their summer/fall pastures, which they really appreciated.

Ethel was the first up to have her hair cut.
One of our visitors had the opportunity to try her hand at shearing.









Annabelle, one of our 4-H helpers also got a feel for shearing.
This was the first time we have seen Amelia’s fleece. It is gorgeous. The bits of light brown are the sun-bleached outer fibers and the light gray ones are those next to her skin. Notice how “crimpy” the fibers are. That means they have a lot of elasticity to them, which is an ideal quality.











Alpaca shearing day (May 4) was a huge success thanks in large part to the help of our 4-H club members.

The day began with our shearer, Nathan Good, trimming Morgan’s teeth with a Dremel.
Kayla and Naomi prepare to bag Morgan’s blanket as Nathan trims it off. Notice that Morgan’s front and back legs are tied off to posts to prevent them from squirming and kicking.
Nathan readies Chevy for shearing.
Chevy being sheared








Chevy sheared
Grace (left) helps Annabelle give Chablis her Ivermectin shot, used to kill parasites.








Kayla administers Bella’s shot. We normally do herd health day once a month and since it coincided with the shearing, we decided to do both at the same time. The only thing we didn’t do was weigh the animals, which is usually a part of herd health.