Chablis giving birth to Chevalier

At 2:15 pm, Chablis, who was more than a month late, gave birth to a 20-pound boy that we named Chevalier. Chablis had difficulty pushing Chevalier out because his right front foot was caught underneath. Alex had to reach in and pull the foot out, and then helped Chablis by pulling on both legs. Out he slid. It took about half hour of attempting to stand before he finally got his “land” legs and began walking.

Chevalier had trouble nursing, first in finding the teat and then Chablis wouldn’t stand still for him. Alex had to run to the veterinary clinic in Quakertown to get some medicine to help Chablis’ milk bag to fill up. We gave him some colostrum from a bottle and he survived the night. We did see him nurse at least once. In the morning he nursed again, but Chablis still wasn’t to cooperative.

WARNING: This video is very graphic.