Phase Two – Little Lost Creek Farm Grows

Nothing ever stands still on this farm. We began the new year with the purchase of another roan gray girl, Mandalay Bay. She comes from the Merriwether farm, Nyala, in Vestra, NY. As she was quite pregnant, due in mid-May, she will stay on their farm for her delivery and breed-back, probably not joining us until July.
In late March, we acquired our ninth alpaca, Minimota Knight, from Flying Pony Alpacas. She is an older girl (seven), and we will leave her at FPA until she is bred.

Meantime, we started expanding the pastures and adding a new run-in shed. Ty Paine and Sons fencing began setting posts and stretching wire to enclose four acres into four pastures. In time this will provide ample space for rotating our herd and restoring depleted fields.

By the 31st of March, Phil Crowner arrived with his crew constructing the new shed. The driveway was littered with trucks, bobcats and trailers. It was really buzzing here! Foul weather and lots of MUD impeded work for the next several days, but finally Phil completed the shed. We’re still awaiting Ty’s return to complete the fencing, and then comes the liming, raking and seeding.

On April 4, we had our first surgery on the farm. Poor Griffin was stripped of his manhood with Alex and Sandy assisting. Ouch!!

We went to our first alpaca show on April 10, the ABC Heritage Events Budget Caper. We took our 10-month old Hepburn and our 23-month old Dagger. Our 4-H kids had a blast showing them in the agility class and each one earned a ribbon for his/her effort.

Chablis was also due to give birth to her first cria on April 6, so Sandy was unable to attend the show. Naturally, Chablis didn’t deliver on time, and as of April 13, we’re still waiting.

The new run-in shed is just about complete
Ty Paine pounding in the fence posts.
Madison leading Hepburn through the agility course.
And the winners are...(from left) Callum, Jack, Kyle, Madison and Ewen

March 6, 2011