Our boys


Steeple View’s Greybeard’s Dagger

Dagger was our former herdsire. He is a handsome guy with deep, dark brown fiber. His yarn is one of our favorites. He has also done well in agility. He has produced two fine offspring—Chase, who was a champion at the 2016 Farm Show and Channing, who is also showing great promise in performance.

ARI #: 31524063

Microchip #: 999000001500083

Color: Dark Brown

Date of Birth: May 14, 2009

Sire: Greybeard, Dark Silver Gray, ARI #-834717

Dam: Aggie’s Angel, Light Rose Gray, White, ARI #-1235487

Status: One son on the ground-Chase (see below), one daughter Channing (see Our Girls). Gelded Dec. 14, 2015.

Awards: 2010 PAOBA 3rd, SEPA 6th; 2011 ABC Show 5th, 2011 SAFONA 4th, 2012 New Jersey Alpaca Classic Spinoff Third Place

Performance Awards: Second 2012 4-H Agility Invitational, Second 2012 4-H Agility Invitational; First 2011 Gambler’s Choice SAFONA

Fiber facts: Tested May 2012

Mean fiber diameter: 27.7 microns

Standard deviation: 4.8 microns

Coefficient of Variation: 17.1%

Fibers greater than 30 microns: 27.1%


Chevalier of Little Lost Creek

Chevalier of Little Lost Creek

Chevy is one of our favorites. He is the first born on the farm with a little help from Alex and Sandy. He has very soft dark fawn fiber, which makes for great sweaters or scarves. Chevy is also generally good at performance although at times will balk at some obstacles. He tends to be a bit head shy.

Name: Chevalier of Little Lost Creek

ARI #: 31831499

Microchip #: 054573816

Color: Light Rose Gray/Dark Fawn

Date of Birth: May 9, 2011

Sire: Apollo’s Fire, Light Brown, True Black, ARI #-834763

Dam: MMPA Princess Chablis, Light Silver Gray, ARI #-31095662

Status: Neutered

Awards: First place, 2014 PAOBA Spin-off; Third place 2012 ABC Show

Performance Awards: First, Second 2013 Agility Invitational; Sixth 2012 ABC Show; First 2012 4-H Agility Invitational, First 2012 4-H Agility Invitational, Second 2012 4-H Agility Invitational; First, third, sixth 2015 PAOBA Agility and two thirds in Showmanship.

Fiber Facts: Tested May 2013

Mean Fiber Diameter: 18 microns

Standard Deviation: 4.3 microns

Coefficient of Variation: 24.1%

Fibers Greater Than 30 microns: 1.4%

Tested May 2014

Mean Fiber Diameter: 18.7 microns

Standard Deviation: 4.5 microns

Coefficient of Variation: 23.9%

Fibers Greater Than 30 microns: 2.4%



HVFD Nordic Freyr

We purchased Nordic in late 2015 to diversify our colors of fiber. He is very majestic in his all-white coat. He has adapted quite well and is one of our friendliest guys.

ARI #: 32424201

Microchip #: 985170002104646

Color: White

Date of Birth: May 24, 2011

Sire: RA Artic, White ARI#30896338

Dam: Dyani, Dark Fawn, White, ARI#1381832

Status: Gelding

Fiber facts: May, 2013

Mean fiber diameter: 17.9 microns

Standard deviation: 3.2 microns

Coefficient of Variation: 17.8%