Our dogs


On Saturday, April 29, Chester passed his therapy dog test. And we might add with flying colors. We are hoping to take him for visits to nursing homes, etc.

Chester looks rather handsome and distinguished in his new therapy dog vest.

Goodbye Molly

With heavy heart we had to say good bye to Molly at the beginning of April (2014). For some unknown reason she and Chester got into some ferocious fights. After going six months without one, they had two within a week’s time. We weren’t sure what precipitated them because for the most part they got along fine. After much searching, we finally found a former colleague of Sandy’s whose father had recently lost a dog, and he was happy to take her. Although we miss her dearly and wish she could still be with us, we know she has a good home and will have a happy life.

Molly and her ball.
Molly and her ball.


Molly and Chester have a blast romping around in their first snow storm.