Our girls


MMPA Princess Chablis

Chablis is the first roan we purchased and has produced four great offspring. Unfortunately we had to euthanize her first girl Colbert because of the dreaded meningial worm. She is a great mother who is attentive to her young. Her latest girl, Channing, was a textbook birth.

Name: MMPA Princess Chablis

ARI #: 31095662

Color: Medium Rose Gray

Date of Birth: March 16, 2007

Sire: Big Sky Hombre, Dark Silver Gray, ARI #-1021738

Dam: Big Sky Royal Roxanne, Light Rose Gray, ARI #-1412529

Status: Proven female, Open

Awards: Third place 2012 PAOBA Spin-off Competition

Fiber facts: Tested May 2012

Mean Fiber Diameter: 25.1 microns

Standard deviation: 5.5 microns

Coefficient of variation: 21.7%

Fibers greater than 30 microns: 15.6


Gallo’s Buena Bella

Bella is one of the first alpacas we purchased. She has a calm presence in the barn. But don’t try to pat this girl! She’s likely to take aim with some alpaca spit!

Name: Gallo’s Buena Bella

ARI #: 31211734

Microchip #: 151234454A

Color: Dark Silver Gray

Date of Birth: May 29, 2008

Sire: Ore Hill Marquis, Medium Rose Gray, White, ARI #-803663

Dam: RRA Promise’s Olivia, Medium Rose Gray, ARI #-1143713

Status: Proven female, Open

Halley Luya
Halley at 12 years.
Halley our matron at 12 years.

Alpacarosa’s Halley Luya

Haley is the matron of the barn. She is the oldest in our herd and is respected by all the others. She is docile and blends well with the other girls. Along with Bella, she is the only grey alpaca we have left.

Name: Alpacarosa’s Halley Luya

ARI #: 1151138

Color: Medium Silver Gray

Date of Birth: February 2, 2004

Sire: MY Peruvian Fire-N-Ice, Medium Brown, ARI #-827637

Dam: SAA Latisha, True Black, ARI #-818951

Status: Proven female, Open



Little Lost Creek’s Monroe

Like her brothers, Morgan and Montgomery (and mother),Monroe has very soft fiber, and she is also a bit high strung. As a youth, she did very well in agility, but when she turned 2 1/2, she decided that was enough. We generally combine her fiber with Morgan and Montgomery’s to make a very soft and lustrous yarn.

Name: Little Lost Creek’s Monroe

ARI #: 32336504

Microchip #: 074621876

Gender: Female

Color: Dark rose gray

Date of Birth: May 26, 2012

Sire: Express’s Accoya Greyback, Dark Rose Gray, ARI #-30647596

Dam: SA Peruvian Mandalay Bay, Dark Silver Gray, ARI #-31560139

Status: Open

Awards: Second place 2014 PAOBA Spin-off; 4th Place 2014 National AOA Spinoff show; 2014 National AOA Show—6th Intermediate Obstacles, 5th Junior Obstacles, 6th Intermediate Public Relations; Sixth Place 2013 PAOBA Halter Show, First, Second and Third Place 2013 PAOBA Performance Competition

Fiber Facts: Tested May 2014

Mean fiber diameter: 16.7 microns

Standard deviation: 3.2 microns

Coefficient of variation: 19.3%

Fibers greater than 30 microns: 0.8%

Bailey at
Bailey at three and a half

Little Lost Creek’s Bailey

Bailey is the daughter of Bella. She is a very docile and curious girl and will often accept a pat on the back. She’s like the barn goof-ball, pronking out into the pastures as though she’s been let out to recess.

Name: Little Lost Creek’s Bailey

ARI #:

Microchip #: 054611088

Gender: Female

Color: Dark Rose Gray

Date of Birth: August 10, 2012

Sire: MFI Peruvian Formula 1, ARI#-30623415

Dam: Gallo’s Buena Bella, Dark Silver Gray, ARI #: 31211734

Status: Open

Awards: Fifth Place Intermediate Showmanship, Fifth Place Junior Showmanship 2013 PAOBA Show

Fiber Facts:

Channing at seven months.
Channing at seven months.

Channing of Little Lost Creek

Channing is our newest and, for the foreseeable future, probably last cria. She has a very lovely fawn coat and a “priceless voice.” At four months she was already halter broken and doing most of the obstacles. She has a lot of promise. Her mother is Chablis and her father Dagger, so she’s a home-bred girl. We think she will be a winner. In 2016, at just over a year old, Channing has been in three shows and is one of our best competitors.

Name: Channing of Little Lost Creek

ARI #: 32631005

Microchip #: 021349117

Color: Dark Fawn

Date of Birth: August 7, 2015

Sire:Steeple View’s Greybeard’s Dagger, Dark Brown, ARI #: 31524063

Dam: RRA MMPA Princess Chablis, Medium Rose Gray, ARI #: 31095662

Status: Open

Fiber Facts: Tested May, 2017

Mean Fiber Diameter: 20.4 microns

Standard Deviation: 5.2 microns

Coefficient of Variation: 25.6%

Fibers Greater than 30 microns: 5.6%