2020 Shearing

Farm Happenings

• On April 30th we had a combined annual shearing and herd health. It was the first time we had done it without visitors present and it was a bit spooky, not to mention gloomy since it was raining. But with only three alpacas, it went very quickly. Next year we hope to be able to host some spectators since it is an experience to witness.

Nathan shears Dagger.
Nathan’s assistant cradles Dagger’s head to keep him still and calm him.
Here are the three boys with their new haircuts.

• Sadly, on March 28th we said goodbye to Channing, the last alpaca born on our farm; King Arthur, our youngest; and our grand dame 16-year old girl Halley Luya, who gave us our very first alpaca.

We are now left with just three guys, including Chevy, the first-born on the farm; Dagger, Channing’s father; and Nordic, the big white guy.